Commercial Laundry

Save 70% of your laundry water by using Powell Electrocoagulation

Laundry capacity can be increased three times, using the same amount of fresh water, by recycling the wash and rinse water. Reclaimed wash and rinse water saves the cost of purchasing water, soap, heat and sewer. Reclaim your water for $1.70 per thousand gallons.

Customer acceptance and peace of mind is assured by using city water for the final rinse. The added volume of water is needed to make up for the water evaporated when the laundry is dried. The washing machines can be plumbed to use recycled water for the wash and rinse cycles, with the exception of the final rinse, which would be fresh city water.

Water quality is assured by automate electronic monitoring for turbidity and disinfectant. The water is screened, electrocoagulated, clarified and stored for use on demand in an ozonous clean water tank. A turbidity and ozone probe monitor the quality of the reclaimed water continually. The vacuum clarifier concentrates the solids to 20% by weight allowing them to be disposed of in the dumpster with the lint and paper trash.

The cost of wash and rinse water disposal and the possibility of fines for contaminants in the water going to the city sewer are eliminated because there is not discharge to the city sewer. The heavy metals, oil, and grease are separated from the water during the reclamation process in an environmentally safe oxide form.

Commercial Laundries
Raw % Removal
Suspended Solids 85% to 99%
Oil and Grease 93% to 99%
Total Organic Carbon 96% to 99%
Biochemical Oxygen Demand 32% to 99%
Metal ions in concentration less than 100 mg/l 95% to 99%
Bacteria (fecal Coliform) 98% to 99+% 
Textile dye 98% to 99%
Pesticides 93% to 99%


The ozone will insure that the clear water remains pathogen free. The storage tank will be monitored with an ozone probe to ensure that the water always contains 0.2 mg/l.  When the ozone level falls below that point the water will be circulated through the ozone injection line.