Emergency Potable Water

You can make emergency potable water in ten minutes!

Water contaminated by flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, sewage, pesticides, heavy metals, and bacteria can be cleaned in a 1.5 or 3-gpm portable unit. The units are small and light allowing them to be carried in a jeep or pickup and operate off of a single phase 110 or 220-volt generator.

The self-priming pump feeds water into a skid mounted electrocoagulation system followed by a self-cleaning 0.2-micron ceramic filter.

Electrocoagulation causes bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and silt (suspended solids) to increase in size, making them removable in the 0.2-micron ceramic filter, insuring clean drinking water.

Emergency Potable Water
Item % Removal
Suspended Solids 85% to 99%
Oil and Grease 93% to 99%
Total Organic Carbon 96% to 99%
Biochemical Oxygen Demand 32% to 99%
Metal ions in concentration less than 100 mg/l 95% to 99%
Bacteria (fecal Coliform) 98% to 99+% 
Textile dye 98% to 99%
Pesticides 93% to 99%